Vadim Ljutov

I make your car safer and more comfortable

More about me

I am the owner, manager and technical consultant at Ravolar Grupp, which owns the Mugav Auto installation center in Estonia. Mugav Auto is engaged in professional installation of audio systems and additional equipment on cars.

I am a recognized expert of the European level in car audio. I was a multiple champion of of Car Sound Competitions in Estonia, the Baltics and Russia in professional class. The only person in the history of Estonia who brought the trophy for the prize place from the European finals in the professional class! I have been a certified European car sound judge for many years and have judged a lot of local and international and European competitions.

Mugav Auto

Mugav Auto is the most modern installation center in Estonia today. We always have clean “almost like an operating room” workshops and super comfortable lounges and waiting areas for clients with coffee and internet. If necessary, we ourselves will pick up your car near Tallinn, take it to our workshop and return it directly to your home or office.

You will find here everything to improve the comfort of your car and make your driving life more joyful and happy! Ravolar Grupp has been operating in Estonia since July 1, 1995, i.e. for over 25 years. Every year in our workshop we install different systems on more than 1800 cars or every week we service over 30 cars.

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